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Ultra Fast-Dry Towels

  • Moisture Wicking: dry 3-4 times faster than most towels
  • Antibacterial treatment: contain Silver, preventing that musty towel smell
  • Lightweight: largest towel packs up smaller than a standard laptop
  • Beach-ready: sand doesn't stick to towels and they block up to 93% of UV rays



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Looking for specials on technical fabrics?
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Extreme Ultralite Towels

  • Moisture Wicking: dry 3-4 times faster than standard towels
  • Antibacterial treatmentl: eco-friendly, recycled Silver kills germs & odors
  • Extremely Lightweight: largest towel weighs < 6 ounces
  • Backpacker-ready: folds up small, dries quickly, and is multi-purpose




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Cooling Towels

  • Cooling: the natural cooling process of evaporation is trapped in the fibers, so the towel feels up to 30 degrees cooler than surrounding air
  • Long-lasting: simply add water and wave towel to reactivate 
  • Lightweight: packs up small, perfect for travel or sports
  • Hot Flash-ready: not just for athletes, it is also helpful for hot flashes

*The process of evaporation can be affected by high humidity. The cooling towel is less effective in areas with over 85% humidity

Cooling Towel

10"x36" Towel
Regular $19.95   Sale $15.95
Available Colour: Red


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