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Discovery Trekking is a manufacturer of technical outerwear,next-to-skin custom clothing and other niche textile products. We are not a fabric store, but we often purchase hard to find technical outerwear and activewear fabrics in greater quantity than we can use ourselves. So, we offer them at great prices, and keep our own fabric inventory fresh.  These fabrics may sell very quickly, so check back regularly for new selections.

Many of the fabrics we use are made by Polartec® USA.  Polartec® was originally known as Malden Mills. 

We specialize in technical softshells, such as Polartec® Power Shield®, NeoShell® and Windbloc®.  These fabrics are highly water repellent and have a breathable, windproof barrier.  They all make wonderful jackets, vests and pants. We occasionally have Gore-Tex® fabrics, and also purchase soft shells, hard shells, and other highly technical fabrics that came from brands like Patagonia®, Arcteryx®, Nike®, North Face®, and Lululemon®.


Picking the right softshell fabrics for your project


Some fabrics have 2 way stretch, some 1 way (side to side), and others have little or no stretch. For your convenience, we have attempted to categorize by weight (season) then stretch… as this is most helpful when looking for a specific garment. This is not an exact science, in many cases a particular fabric may be suitable for several seasons. For example, a summer shell may be perfect for either layering, or using as the face fabric when insulating and lining. Speaking on insulation, we are now offering a selection of Polartec® Alpha®.


We also sell Classic Polartec® fleece. 100-weight is very light, 300 is very dense/heavy, 200 is in-between and most common. 

Wind Pro® is a tightly woven fleece that provides water and wind repellence.  Amazing for jackets, hats AND is in high demand for diaper covers! Wind Pro® comes in many styles and can be stable (no stretch) or extremely stretchy, like Power Stretch®. 

Polartec® Power Dry® is a next-to-skin moisture-wicking fabric. Great for shirts, underwear, sleepwear, and all base layers. We have some wonderful warm High Efficiency Power Dry® which makes terrific long underwear.

We cannot send samples or swatches. We have a warehouse full of constantly changing fabrics, and it is likely that by the time a swatch arrived to the customer, the fabric would already be sold. However we are happy to discuss your project and offer suggestions, as we know our fabrics well. Our toll-free number is 1-877-551-6577


Click on the following links to learn more about each style (family) of fabrics...

NeoShell®   Polartec® Classic Fleece       
Power Dry®  Power Dry® High Efficiency  
Power Shield®  Power Shield® High Loft  
Power Shield® O2    Power Shield® Pro
Power Stretch®
Wind Pro®




If you are interested in learning more about softshell and fabric technology, we recommend reading this VERY good article by Sam Shaheen at Blister gear reviews. 







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