Lightweight Regular Saddle Skirt

Lightweight Regular Saddle Skirt

Heavyweight Extended Saddle Skirt

Heavyweight Extended Saddle Skirt

Heavyweight Extended Saddle Skirt

Heavyweight Extended Saddle Skirt

Lightweight Regular Saddle Skirt with reflective ribbon

Lightweight Regular Saddle Skirt with reflective ribbon

Secures around rider's waist

Secures around rider's waist

Attaches to rider's legs

Attaches to rider's legs

"...The Saddle Skirt was nice when schooling in the arena on cold or rainy days, and we think it would be most beneficial for the show rider waiting at ringside in the rain for a class to start.  It can be spread out to cover pricey show pants and an expensive show saddle and be quickly removed when it's time to enter the ring."


Nancy Butler, Contributing Writer
Horse Journal, April 2012

Saddle Skirt

Regular Skirt Lightweight Blue: $125.00 USD
Regular Skirt Heavyweight Black: $125.00 USD
Extended Skirt Lightweight Blue: $179.00 USD
Extended Skirt Heavyweight Black: $179.00 USD

As riders that face many weather conditions, keeping ourselves and our saddles dry is always a challenge. Although we could make do with a quarter-sheet, dismounting is always a problem. There didn't seem to be anything we could find that met our needs, so we designed it!  The result is a highly wind and water repellent skirt that protects our expensive saddles from rain and snow while riding.

The Saddle Skirt is breathable, stretchy, and stays in place even in windy conditions. The garment anchors to the legs of the rider with adjustable elastic and completely covers the pommel or horn. The highly technical fabric is very water and wind repellent.  The soft fabric doesn't rustle or make noise like other protective sheets.  As a major bonus, you can get on and off your horse while wearing the rain skirt, as it does not attach to your horse in any way. Once on the ground you won't win a fashion contest, but it's very functional! The saddle skirt can be used for other sports as well, such as kayaking and canoeing.

Click on the above photo to watch a video of safe and easily you mount and dismount your horse while wearing a skirt!

The all-weather saddle skirt has an adjustable cinch waist. It is made from a durable softshell fabric that is normally intended for high-end outerwear. The Regular saddle skirt covers the rider and the saddle. From front to rear it measures approx. 47".  It is approx. 60" across, or 30" from the midline of your horses back to where it ends above your stirrups.  

The Extended style was developed at the request of endurance and eventing riders and has an adjustable, retractable rump rug.  The extended version can be cinched up to fit just behind the saddle, or extended to cover the rump of the horse to keep their muscles warm.  The extended saddle skirt will cover the rump of larger breeds such as Warmbloods. It is approximately 78" from front to the rear when it is fully extended. If measuring from the rider's back, it is 52" to the end of the rump.  The width is 58" across in total, or 29" from the rider's center back, down over the riders legs.

Skirts can be custom made in many colors, but we generally keep black (heavier weight with a fleece backing) or blue (lighter for rainy climate, not as warm) in stock in both styles. Call us if you have a color you would like made, and we'll do our best based on fabric availability.  We can also make the skirt wider for people with long legs. This does require adding a panel onto the fabric and the cost is reasonable. Plan on a week for us to make a customized skirt. 

The adjustable elastic waist fits a range of sizes.  Even though they show a set size range, this fabric is stretchy so it will actually fit someone with a slightly larger waist than the range indicates. Also, it can be cinched a larger size may also work for a smaller person. But, it's still best to choose the size that is closest to your actual measurement.

Choose from:

S (waist sizes up to 34")

M (waist sizes from 34"-40") 

L (waist sizes from 40"-46")



Click on the above photo to see a video of the Extended saddle skirt in action!


This is what the Extended version looks like when cinched up for mounting and dismounting.

Click on the above photo to see a video of how to put on the Extended saddle skirt


** Reflective ribbon can be added by special request for $15 extra.  Please add this request in the comments section of the ordering process.**


If you wish to see some action videos showing dismount, trotting/posting etc. visit our FACEBOOK page.


Questions? Call us Toll-free 1 877 551 6577 or email  



Looking for a different color? NO EXTRA COST!  Just call us! We have many high-tech wind & water repellent softshells that we normally use for jackets in our brick & mortar store. Our stock is changing daily, so best to call and tell us what you're hoping for. We don't provide fabric samples, but when possible we can snap a picture and email it to you before you order. 

Need to be seen?  Here's an example of a hi-vis yellow that we often use for custom Saddle Skirts. All special orders take approx. a week to make. 




Also, if you need a special size (ie: you have a larger horse and need a longer skirt, please call 1-877-551-6577 or email  We'd be happy to discuss what options are available to you.





We have a limited amount of regular saddle skirts that are priced to sell!  

These are a bargain at just $85 each...a huge savings of $44.  

Our sale inventory changes constantly so please call us to see what we have available!



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