Protective Machine Covers for the Curves Circuit




Discovery Trekking has been manufacturing washable protective covers for Curves franchisees since 2004. Enjoyed by thousands of clubs worldwide, these covers are made from the highest quality durable stretch fabric that withstands wear and tear like nothing else.  The highly technical fabric contains Silver which discourages bacterial growth.  The surface can be wiped as often as desired each day, and the covers washed weekly or as necessary depending on club size. 


Here are just a few benefits:


  • Durable- long-lasting, abrasion-resistant fabric prolongs the life of pads, reduces cracking and chipping
  • Soft – fits snugly to the machines and feels comfortable against skin (members love them)
  • Sanitary - SilverPlus is a very effective antimicrobial that is permanently bonded to the fabric.  It prevents odor-causing bacterial growth and is completely safe next to skin
  • Economical - less costly than purchasing new pads and keeps your circuit looking new.  SilverPlus covers can be washed at cooler temperatures and still be cleaned effectively, saving energy and money
  • Washable - machine wash weekly for optimal cleanliness!  Wipe down each shift or after heavy use to remove surface dirt
  • Complete sets available for the White circuit as well many new styles for the Purple Circuit!
  • Developed by long time Curves franchisee








We offer covers for the white circuit either individually or full sets. 

We also make many new covers for the Purple circuit. 

For information, pictures, and ordering click on the appropriate link below. 


Questions? Call us Toll-Free in the USA and Canada 1-877-551-6577  

International calls 1-250-286-6577. 

You can order by phone or online.




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