White Circuit

White Circuit

Curves White Circuit

Squat Shoulder Pad Cover - old style 4" (Pair), Shoulder Pad Cover - New Hard 2" (Pair): $29.00 USD
Headrest Cover with Cushion Holder: $12.00 USD
Wedge Cushion Cover : $16.00 USD
Square Cushion Cover: $16.00 USD
Glute Machine Armrest Cover, Machine Chestpad Cover: $19.00 USD
Bicep-Tricep Armrest Cover, Seat Cover: $24.00 USD
Oblique Roller Cover: $7.00 USD
Regular Roller Cover - Single Roller Cover: $8.00 USD
Regular Roller Cover - Dozen (set of 12): $75.00 USD
Regular Roller Cover (Closed end/Doubled padded): $9.50 USD
Stretch Machine Roller Cover (Closed end)(Fits Double Roller): $16.00 USD
Headrest Cover: $12.00 USD
Full Seat Back Cover : $44.00 USD
Short Handle Cover - Single Short Handle Cover: $3.50 USD
Short Handle Cover - Dozen (Set of 12): $30.00 USD
Long Handle Cover: $4.50 USD
Hip Ab/Ad Leg Pad Cover - Set of 4: $29.00 USD
Hip Ab/Ad Calf Pad Cover - Old Soft 4", Ab/Ad Calf Pad Cover - New Hard 2": $19.00 USD
Seat Cover for Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Cover for Regular Seats (Fits all other square seats): $24.00 USD
"Smart" Stretch Cord Cover Anchoring Strip (25', can be cut): $75.00 USD
Basic 8 Machines Set (Save $93.00): $400.00 USD
Optional Machines Set (Save $58.50): $150.00 USD

Machine Covers for Curves WHITE Machines

These covers fit tightly over seats, rollers and other pads and are:

  • Durable - long lasting, abrasion resistant fabric prolongs the life of the pads and reduces cracking and chipping
  • Soft - fit snugly to the machines and feel comfortable against the skin
  • Sanitary - contain SilverPlus which is a highly effective antimicrobial that is permanently bonded to the fabric and prevents odor causing bacterial growth
  • Washable - can be wiped with water daily to remove surface dirt and can be machine washed as required for optimal cleanliness
  • Economical - less costly than purchasing new pads and keeps your circuit looking new - SilverPlus covers can be washed at cooler temperatures and still be cleaned effectively, saving energy and money


If you have the newer Purple Circuit, we are now designing covers for the Glute Armrest, the Bicep-Tricep armrest, the squat machine, and of course roller covers, handle covers, and smart cord covers.  Click here to order covers for the PURPLE circuit.


If you are ordering for the white circuit, you're in the right place!  If you are unsure what covers each machine requires, here is a graphic to review:

Click Here to download the PDF file.  Click on each of the yellow sticky notes by each machine to see which covers correspond to that piece of equipment.


Products can be ordered online at the bottom of this page. 

If you prefer to print an order form and email it to us, choose one of these:

Canada and USA White Circuit Order Form

International White Circuit Order Form


Email: info@discoverytrekking.com


Product Pictures and Descriptions  Note: all covers are Black


Squat Shoulder Pad Cover

The photo shows the old soft 4" pad, on the top, and the new hard 2" pad, on the bottom.  Most clubs that have opened in the last 10 years require the new hard 2" pad.

Please note old soft 4" or new hard 2" cover on your order form.


Headrest Cover with Cushion Holder

This cover serves as a headrest cover and has a pouch that holds the cushion at the top of the seatback, where it is easily accessible.  The members like the convenience, and keeping cushions off the floor is a great safety feature!

$24.00 Each  SALE  While stock lasts, just $12. each


Wedge Cushion Cover/Square Cushion Cover

$16.00 Each 

Glute Machine Armrest Cover

$19.00 Each

Glute Machine Chestpad Cover

$19.00 Each


Bicep-Tricep Armrest Cover

$24.00 Each

Hip Ab/Ad Leg Pad Cover

Each set of 4 comes with 2 outside covers that have no side openings (made to slip over the whole pad) and 2 inside covers with openings that accomodate both the "knob" and "square bumper"  pad styles.

$29.00/Set of 4

Hip Ab/Ad Calf Pad Cover

The pair of covers protects the bottom pads between the Leg Pads - don't confuse these 2 bottom pads, which we call Calf Pads, with the 4 side Leg Pads.  There are 2 styles of Calf Pads in the clubs. The picture below shows the older vinyl covered style on the top, and the newer hard foam style on the bottom.

Please note old vinyl or new hard foam style on your order form.


Seat Covers

Bicep-Tricep Seat Cover (this seat is long and thin)

Seat Cover for Leg Extension / Leg Curl (this seat is larger than the others)

Seat Cover for Regular Seats (fits all other square seats, including stretch station)

$24.00 Each

Handle Covers

Long Handle Cover (fits the Peck Dec, Lateral Lift, Dip Shrug, Stepper, and Stretch Machine) 

$4.50 Each

Short Handle Cover (fits all other machines)

$3.50 Each or


Full Seat Back Cover

This cover protects the whole back of the machine seat, not just the headrest.  It fastens over the top like a headrest cover, and over the 2 bottom corners with fabric facings.

$44.00 Each

"Smart" Stretch Cord Cover Anchoring Strip

The grey plastic cordcovers provided with your Smart Equipment protect the cords but can slide around on the carpet. The "Smart" Stretch Cord Cover Anchoring Stip stretches to fit over the grey plastic cord housing and anchors the plastic to the carpet with a hook velcro that grips to most commercial carpets. The stretch component enables it to follow the cords around curves. 

It comes in a 25' strip and can be cut to size without fraying or compromising the durability.  When cutting it to size, be sure to cut between the velcro and not the velcro itself. Before ordering, please ensure that hook velcro will fasten to your carpet.  Available only in black.

$75.00 / 25'

Roller Covers

The regular size fits the Bicep/Tricep, Leg Extension/Leg Curl and Pec Dec machines.  Each machine uses 4 regular roller covers.  The stretch station also has rollers that the regular roller covers fit. However, we make some special roller covers for them, which are described below.

The covers are designed with an open end.  However, we now make a regular size roller cover with a double-padded closed end. This is designed mainly for the stretch station single rollers, because they sometimes have sharp bushings that can cut a member's leg. Now you have a choice!

The Oblique machine requires one Oblique Roller Cover.

The Stretch Machine requires 4 Regular Roller Covers and 1 Stretch Machine Roller Cover which encases the side-by-side rollers that are attached to the chair. As mentioned above, you may choose to get 4 of the Regular Roller Covers that have a double-padded closed end to protect legs from being scratched or cut.

Regular Roller Cover (Open end)

$8.00 Each  or  $75.00/Dozen 

Regular Roller Cover (Closed end/Double padded)

$9.50 Each 

Oblique Roller Cover

$7.00 Each

Stretch Machine Roller Covers  (Closed end)

$16.00 Each





Headrest Cover

$12.00 Each


Buy a Set and SAVE

Basic 8 Machines Set Contains:

  • 8 Regular Roller Covers (Open end) (Fits all rollers except Oblique)
  • 5 Headrest Covers
  • 1 Headrest Cover with Cushion Holder
  • 1 Wedge Cushion Cover
  • 1 Square Cushion Cover
  • 16 Short Handle Cover
  • 1 pair of Squat Shoulder Pad Cover (Please let us know in the notes at check out if you have the old soft vinyl or new hard foam)
  • 1 set of 4 Hip Ab/Ad Leg Pad Cover (Please let us know in the notes at check out if you have the old soft vinyl or new hard foam)
  • 1 set of Hib Ab/Ad Calf Pad Cover
  • 1 Bicep-Tricep Armrest Cover
  • 1 Bicep-Tricep Seat Cover
  • 1 Seat Cover for the Leg Extension/Leg Curl
  • 5 Seat Covers for Regular Seats (Fits all other square seats)

Grand Total if Purchased Separately: $493.00
Basic 8 Machine Set Price: $400 ($93.00 Savings)

Optional Machines Set Contains

  • 4 Regular Roller Covers (Open End) (Fits all rollers except Oblique)
  • 1 Oblique Roller Cover
  • 2 Headrest Covers
  • 8 Short Handle Covers
  • 7 Long Handle Covers
  • 1 Glute Machine Armrest Cover
  • 1 Glute Machine Chestpad Cover
  • 2 Seat Covers for Regular Seats (Fits all other square seats)

Grand Total if Purchased Separately: $208.50
Basic 8 Machine Set Price: $150 ($58.50 Savings)


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