Polartec® Power Shield® High Loft
Hi-Vis Orange
Imagine what you can make with this fantastic fabric!

Polartec® Power Shield® High Loft
Hi-Vis Orange
Imagine what you can make with this fantastic fabric!

Polartec® Power Shield® Fall Weight

Polartec® Power Shield® Fall Weight

Polartec® Power Shield® Summer Weight

Polartec® Power Shield® Summer Weight

Soft Shells make great vests!

Soft Shells make great vests!

This is what Polartec® says:

The stiff structure of traditional hard shells not only made them uncomfortable, but caused excessive noise from friction during movement. The inherently soft and pliable construction of Polartec® Power Shield® allow it to easily drape and fit to any underlying form without restricting movement or flexibility.

Providing a relaxed, yet resiliently strong core provides the ability to stretch and recover for a full range of motion during athletic endeavors. By further bolstering abrasion resistant characteristics we developed a higher industry standard for performance soft shell materials. To this day, the innovative properties of Polartec® Power Shield® remain the pinnacle of high performance protective fabrics.

Soft Shell Fabrics

Gore-Tex Softshell: $30.00 USD
Pacific Tech, Tech Prints: $30.00 USD
Power Shield, Shield 02, Shield Pro: $35.00 USD
Power Shield 2nd quality: $18.00 USD
Powershield Sale: $20.00 USD
Neoshell : $40.00 USD
Flame Resistant Power Shield Dual Hazard: $35.00 USD
Pacific Tech SALE: $18.00 USD

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Winter Weight Soft Shells

We consider any High-Loft fabric to be in our Winter classification. High-Loft is basically a pile (furry) backing that traps air against the body, creating an extra layer of insulation.  It will not keep you warm in -22 degrees...that requires something with insulation (see Polartec® Alpha)

For very cold climates it's a perfect fall fabric, and for milder climates like the west coast of Canada, or the Pacific Northwest (Washington) it's perfect for winter.

From Polartec®: The naturally hydrophobic properties of Polartec® High Loft™ fleece repel moisture when exposed to the elements and speed up dry times. Reducing the absorbency of fabric ensures it remains lightweight and breathable, even in the most challenging environments and ever changing weather conditions.

Open mesh stitching regulates airflow and breathability during exertion for increased comfort. This durable construction allows the fabric to retain its lofted form, even after heavy use and multiple trips through the washing machine.


 Fabric swatches of Polartec PowerShield High Loft softshells in Stone, Beige, Silver Ice, Ice Blue, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Soft Sage, Cypress Green, Gold, Hi-Vis Orange, Red, Grey, Charcoal, Black (red back), Black, Black (Serpa Black)

Polartec® Power Shield® fabrics have a nylon face that is water repellent and durable. The interior is finished with an insulating layer of fleece. This fabric blocks 98% of the wind allowing some air movement for increased breathability. Little or no stretch. All styles highly water repellent. Warmth without weight!

What Polartec®  says: High Loft™ was created to expand and enhance the performance benefits and design applications of fleece technologies. By utilizing a high loft fiber construction we developed a stunningly soft and fluffy structure that compresses to pack easily in small spaces. Large air pockets created by the extended fibers retain optimal warmth to provide the highest warmth to weight ratio of any thermal fleece fabric available today.

Available In: Stone, Beige (Sherpa Back), Silver Ice, Ice Blue, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Soft Sage, Gold, Hi-Vis Orange, Red, Grey, Charcoal

SOLD OUT - Black, Cypress Green, Black (Sherpa Back), Black (Red Back)


 Polartec Neoshell Highloft in Royal Blue

Polartec Neoshell Highloft in Royal Blue

Polartec® NeoShell® Hi Loft is often hard to distinguish from Power Shield®. They are both highly technical breathable outerwear fabrics. This is what Polartec® says: NeoShell® is an engineering breakthrough for waterproof breathable fabric technologies. Dynamic air exchange at the surface provides the unrivaled ability to stop water and wind permeation without restricting the release of excess body heat and moisture vapor. This highly aerobic air permeability provides the unique benefit to function as a durable protective shell with advanced wicking capabilities to keep moisture vapor moving away from your core.

Available In: Royal Blue (Limited Quantity, please call to order) 



Polartec® Flame Resistant Power Shield Dual Hazard (for more flame resistant fabrics, please see this section on Special & Misc Fabrics)

New! This is a highly technical style of Power Shield. It is water and wind repellent, and breathable. Heavier than our other styles, it was developed for firemen and offers dual protection against arc flash and flash fire. The fabric is soft but the structure is stiffer than we normally see with Power Shield. It has good stretch side to side. The inside is a thermal waffle grid back. 

Available in: Hi-Vis Orange and Yellow





Fall Weight Softshells  

Polartec® Power Shield® is lighter than High Loft and still warm enough for layering in winter or by itself in coastal climates. This fabric has a very durable face and is wind and water repellent, and breathable. The insides vary but most are micro fleece or a grid-fleece.  They are moisture wicking from the inside, and super comfortable. 

Some fabrics are heavier than others but we have too many styles to list the individual qualities.  Some examples are Power Shield 02®, Power Shield Pro®, NeoShell®,  GORE-TEX® and other soft shell styles like Pacific Tech that share similar characteristics. 

These are all great for pants, jackets or anything that requires comfort and breathability. For your convenience, we classify by stretch or no stretch, so choose depending on your need.


Fabric swatches of Polartec Powershield two-way stretch in cream, stone, ice blue, blue steel, kiwi, mossy green, lichen green, Canadian green, khaki green, bright yellow, fuschia, digital camo and black and Polartec Neoshell in Red


Polartec® Power Shield® 2 way stretch fabrics stretch both side-to-side and vertically.  A great choice for pants or jackets requiring  substantial stretch.

Fabric is 60” wide. 

Available in: Cream, Stone, Ice Blue, Blue Steel (SOLD OUT), Kiwi, Mossy Green, Lichen Green, Canadian Green, Khaki Green, Bright Yellow, Fuchsia (Limited Quantity), Digital Camo, Black



Polartec® Neoshell®  

Available In: Red (Minimal 2 way stretch)

$40 yd

Fabric swatches of Pacific Tech one-way stretch solid colors in royal purple and red, Gore-tex one-way stretch in purple and red, Polartec Powershield one-way stretch in underwater blue and Pacific Tech patterned softshells in taupe, amethyst, purple, medium blue, Canadian green, grey and Charcoal





These fabrics only stretch side-to-side and only a little bit.  They do still have enough stretch to add comfort and a bit of ease to jackets.

GORE-TEX® Weather Stopper is a 3-Layer laminate.

Available in:  

Red (Fall weight)

GORE-TEX® is so similar to Polartec® Powershield, we can’t tell the difference. (in case you were looking for a color that is not available in the GORE-TEX fabric)

Pacific Tech fabric available in:  Royal Purple and Red

Powershield® is available in:  Underwater Blue/Seafoam Green Back



Pacific Tech Patterned Fall Weight Softshells

These are lovely to work with, very stable. Little or no stretch.

One pattern has a linen-look. The face is very water repellent, and it is both wind repellent, and breathable.

Available in:  

Taupe Brown, Amethyst, Purple, Medium Blue, Canadian Green, Grey, Charcoal  


Also available in Camo (Black/Grey) with white back Photo below

SALE Camo only...  $18.00 yd while stock lasts. Choose Pacific Tech SALE from drop down menu, near bottom of page  


Spring Weight Soft Shells 

It's a judgement call, but these are weights we would wear in the Pacific Northwest, or the west coast of Canada for spring temperatures, and even in mild winter weather.  Most of the styles shown below have some side-to-side stretch. A few also have lengthwise stretch. If you have questions our customer service staff will help you to decide.

Fabric swatches for Polartec PowerShield softshells in spring (light) weight in buttercream, digital camo, black with charcoal back, seafoam green, olive green, Canadian green, spruce, periwinkle blue, royal blue, bright blue, airforce blue, red with black back, red with grey back, soft red and amethyst 

Polartec® Power Shield®   

Available In: Buttercream, Digital Camo, Black (Charcoal Back), Seafoam Green, Olive Green, Canadian Green, Spruce, Periwinkle Blue, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Airforce Blue, Red (Black Back), Soft Red, Amethyst






 Fabric swatches for Polartec PowerShield softshells in spring weight with one-way stretch in bright yellow, rossi pink with silver back, fuschia, cherry bomb, amethyst, maroon, bright aqua and pacific blue and Polartec Powershield O2 in grey, periwinkle blue, navy with sheen and black with charcoal back and Polartec Powershield Jersey in black

Polartec® Power Shield® Pro was designed to enhance the strength and performance abilities of our original soft shell technology even further. By re-engineering the dense knit multi-component fabric we developed an even stronger balance between warmth and breathability while drastically increasing the inherent ability to repel water. This reinforced adaptable protective fabric has raised the overall performance benchmark of soft shells to higher levels.

Available In: Bright Yellow, Rossi Pink (Silver Back), Fuchsia, Cherry Bomb, Amethyst, Maroon, Bright Aqua, Pacific Blue


ON SALE!  Cherry Bomb is reduced to just $20/YD as the black fleece back is showing through the red face.  To order, choose Power Shield SALE

Polartec® Power Shield® O2™ fabrics are the result of the ability to precisely control
airflow through a fabric and optimize performance based on specific criteria.
Polartec® Power Shield O2™ fabrics build upon the Polartec® Power Shield® platform
but are modified to allow even greater airflow for more aerobic activities and even
use as a mid layer.  

Available In: Grey (SOLD OUT), Periwinkle Blue, Navy (Sheen), Black (Charcoal Back)


SALE: We have a limited amount of Black Power Shield 2nd Quality. for just $18.yd.   It has a soft Jersey face with Polartec® Power Dry® backing.  There are occasional small marks on the face, so this can not be sold as first quality goods.  To order, choose Power Shield 2nds.




Summer Weight Soft Shells

Even our experienced staff could not agree on this category because many lighter soft shells make great layering fabrics for cooler weather. Also, we have some summer soft shells with microfleece backing, and some with no backing at all...but they are still highly technical laminates. So there is an additional page HERE that features technical shell fabrics, and many are interchangable with the soft shells below.

 Fabric swatches for Polartec PowerShield softshell in summer (very light) weight in cream, stone, lemon yellow, burnt orange, mossy lime, soft green, eggplant, ice blue, medium blue, navy, grey, and dark brown and Polartec PowerShield Pro summer (very light) weight in light grey and bright blue

Polartec® Power Shield.  Most of the summer laminates have a bit of stretch but some have none.  A couple have 2 way stretch. It's not practical to list the qualities of each swatch, so if stretch is necessary, call us for advice on your choice. 

Available In: Cream, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Orange, Mossy Lime, Soft Green, Eggplant, Ice Blue, Medium Blue, Navy, Grey, Dark Brown


Polartec® Power Shield® Pro was designed to enhance the strength and performance abilities of our original soft shell technology even further. By re-engineering the dense knit multi- component fabric we developed an even stronger balance between warmth and breathability while drastically increasing the inherent ability to repel water. This reinforced adaptable protective fabric has raised the overall performance benchmark of soft shells to higher levels.

Available In: Light Grey, Bright Blue (both of these colors are 2 way stretch)



If you are looking for crazy-light shell fabrics, please see our Technical Shells page.

 Neoshell jacket Peacock Blue



Polartec® Neoshell®  

Peacock Blue only. Backing is Polartec® Power Dry® 




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