Flame Resistant Polartec Power Shield

Flame Resistant Polartec Power Shield

Lightweight Ripstop

Lightweight Ripstop

Storm-Fit Stretch Twill 7.1 oz

Storm-Fit Stretch Twill 7.1 oz

Aqua Shell Socks

Aqua Shell Socks

Special & Misc. Fabrics

Rubbery Laminate: $18.00 USD
Loop Fabric: $15.00 USD
Canvas, Cordura: $10.00 USD
Lightweight Ripstop: $5.00 USD
Midweight Coated Durable Woven Pack Cloth: $5.00 USD
PUL Waterproof Print, 1 mil: $12.00 USD
Storm-Fit Stretch Twill by Nike 7.1 oz: $25.00 USD
Schoeller Dry-Flex Laminate: $18.00 USD
Aqua Shell: $30.00 USD
Schoeller Dynamic Stretch Woven: $25.00 USD
Flame Resistant Wind Pro Jersey: $28.00 USD
Flame Resistant Power Grid Lightweight, Resistant Power Grid Midweight: $25.00 USD
Flame Resistant Power Dry Lightweight: $20.00 USD
Flame Resistant Power Shield Hi Vis: $35.00 USD
Storm-Fit Stretch Twill by Nike 5.9 oz: $25.00 USD
Open Cell Mesh: $8.00 USD
Stretch Woven - Light: $14.00 USD
Cat Woman: $18.00 USD
Tek-Crystal: $30.00 USD

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As a manufacturer, we're often experimenting with ideas that require unusual  hard-to-find fabrics. Once we're finished with the project, we have leftovers, so we offer it for sale here.




Dynamic Stretch Wovens

These two fabrics are 88% nylon and 12% lycra with a water repellent finish.  Perfect for hiking pants or shorts!

Plum is 48" wide with about 10% side-to-side stretch

Turquoise is 54" wide with about 20% 4-way stretch


Dry Flex Laminate

Super stretchy, thin and incredibly water repellent. 85% polyester / 15% lycra face and back with a waterproof/breathable urethane laminate core. Not rubbery at all, this one is soft and could be used for many applications including costumes. Would also make an excellent waterproof component for diaper covers!  Have a look at this video showing its stretch and water repellency!

White, $18/yd.


Storm Fit Stretch Twill by NIKE

Take me to your faucet!  This amazing stretch twill features an innovative SKR water repellent finish.  Run it under your faucet, you'll see it sheds water like a duck. Does not absorb water, yet is breathable and will remain comfortable even under active conditions. This hi-tech fabric was developed for Nike for football pants and we have it in two weights:  7.1 oz/sq yd and 5.9 oz/sq yd. Perfect for hiking pants or shorts, breeches, or any garment that requires rugged, durable stretch.  88% Nylon, 12% Lycra - 4 way stretch.  

7.1 oz available in Purple (~50" wide) and Navy (~54" wide)

5.9 oz available in Navy (~62"), Packer Green (50"), Toffee (62"), Dove Grey (50")



Pants made from Storm-Fit Stretch Twill 7.1 oz


Lightweight Stretch Woven

 We have only roll of terrain and one roll of black left (the white is no longer available.  It seems that the black comes from one supplier while the terrain green comes from another.  We don't have any spec sheets on these fabrics yet so, at this point, we can only describe what we see.  We can blow through both the terrain and black so it's not windproof.

The black has a DWR coating or similar as water just beads and rolls right off.  The terrain on the other hand, soaks up water.  The stretch of both terrain and black is about 25% side-to-side and lengthwise.  Width is 60" and weight is 4.3 oz/sq yard.


NOTE: If you are looking for super light water repellent woven without stretch, check out the Aerospace Tek on the technical shell page.


Open Cell Mesh

This is a large-scale athletic mesh fabric that is soft to the touch rather than stiff and scratchy.  It's lightweight and breathable and has some give, but does not have significant stretch in either direction.  It looks great when paired with the Aerospace Tek, found in our Technical Shell section, as a panel or block in a jacket or vest.  It would also be a good fabric for making pockets on bags or stuff sacks or any application where you want to be able to see inside easily.  The black has ever-so-slightly bigger holes than the white.

100% Polyester, 58" wide



High Tech

Cat Woman

In our order of new fabric, we found one small roll of this and it had absolutely no labeling and wasn't on our list of expected fabrics.  The first thing that came to mind when we unrolled it was, "this would make an amazing catsuit!"  so, Cat Woman it is.  It's 4-way stretch with about 50% in both directions.  It's a laminate fabric with a shiny, black, almost faux-leather looking face bonded to a very fine nylon mesh.  Water runs off the face and we can't blow through it either - waterproof and windproof!  It's a pretty sassy fabric if we do say so!

Width 44"



Supertrail TekSeries® Tek-Crystal

Tek Crystal is a very interesting hi-tech fabric from Plastotex in Italy.  It's extremely lightweight, waterproof, windproof, AND has a high degree of breathability.  It was designed for high-intensity activities like cycling or ultra-trail running.  Stretch is about 20% side-to-side with minimal lengthwise stretch.  It's also a laminated fabric with a clear waterproof/windproof/breathable polyurethane layer bonded to a very fine lightweight polyester white mesh.  The fabric is clear and the white square in the corner in the photo are labels on the back to help it lie flat for the photo.

50% polyurethane  50% polyester,  Width 46"







Polartec® Flame Resistant Fabrics

We have been expanding our line of Polartec® Flame Resistant fabrics and are excited to present them here.  Polartec's Flame Resistant technology is ground breaking in its application to technical performance fabrics.  Originally created for the US Military, these fabrics are finding a home in apparel for those that require this type of protection.  Each fabric combines the performance features, such as moisture wicking, water/wind repellency and breathability, with flame resistant features such as protection against arc flash and flash fire. In general, flame resistant fabrics have a structure that is naturally resistant to flames.  The fabric may catch fire, but will self-extinguish or burn extremely slowly. For more information on these very impressive fabrics, check out the adjacent video!  If you have any questions about these styles, please ask and we'll reach out to Polartec for more information.

Wind Pro Stretch Jersey

A cozy fleece with a soft velour fleece back and jersey face.  Great for pants, sweatshirts or hoodies. 12.5oz/sq yd | 60" wide in Navy (limited yardage) and Sage.


Power Shield Dual Hazard

Highly water and wind repellent, yet breathable in two hi-vis safety colours and dual hazard protection of arc flash and flash fire.


Power Grid Dual Hazard

A warm midweight Power Dry Power Grid fabric with dual hazard protection.  9.6 oz/sq yd | 58" wide in Navy


Power Grid Midweight & Power Grid Lightweight 

We have both midweight and lightweight available - great for base or mid-layers. Midweight is 56" wide and lightweight is 60"


Power Dry Lightweight Jersey

A lovely lightweight power dry that has a cottony feel.  Great for base layers.  Coyote Brown 52".







Polartec Aqua Shell

This lovely fabric was made by Polartec for warm water diving suits and other outdoor gear. One famous company in Scandanavia uses it for dive suit base layers and shirts, skull caps and socks. It stretches both ways, and is approx. 1/8" (3mm) thick. Very water repellent. The face is smooth and soft.   Suggested uses: Kayaking "pogies" or bike mitts, sea kayak spray skirts, and other outdoor gear that needs stretch and water repellency. One staffer made a great dog harness! 

General Description: A bright finish fabric combining the properties of a Teflon treated nylon/lycra shell on the outside with a lycra/polyester velour inner surface. engineered with a windproof/breathable barrier in between. Offers the thermal protection of a 2.5 mm neoprene as it blocks the conductive and radiative heat loss. Features 4 way stretch, a quick drying Teflon face, breathability, abrasion resistance, neutral buoyancy, and next to skin comfort - no chaffing. Designed for action sport applications, including tropical diving wet suits, cycling, skiing, and accessories. 4 way stretch assures body-hugging fit with maximum freedom of movement. Also used in orthopedic supports.

 Black  $30/yd.

Rubbery Stretch Laminate

This is a very thin, extremely stretchy, rubbery faced fabric with a soft tricot backing. It's rumored to have come from Patagonia and we're guessing it was used to make neoprene-free paddling/surfing tops or something similar. It's classified as a polyurethane laminate and is 80% nylon/20% lycra tricot base.

Black, $18/yd.


Close up of a roll of non-stretchy loop fabric in black

Loop Fabric

This is a non-stretchy fabric that is used as the loop side of Hook & Loop fasteners. From making an activity board for a child to place drawings with a Hook backing, to any shape of loop that you may need in a design, this is very useful fabric.  56" wide, Black.  $15.00/yd.


The following fabrics are not exactly rare, but we have a small supply of each and are selling at rock-bottom prices. Should you need some, it's a deal!


Fabric swatches of brown canvas and midweight cordura as well as lighweight coated ripstop nylon in black, midweight coated supplex nylon in dark green and heavy coated ripstop nylon in black

Top Row (from left to right):


Brown midweight Cordura, 60" Wide (only 2.5 yards left!!)

$10 yd.


Bottom Row (from left to right):

All fabrics here are nylon

Very lightweight coated ripstop.  $5. yd.

Midweight Coated Durable Woven Pack Cloth, Dark Green  $5. yd.





(Polyurethane Laminate) is a waterproof, thin fabric suitable for many applications including diaper covers, waterproof bags, and many crafts. 

Lively prints on premium ProCool® Interlock fabric and laminated with specially-treated 1-mil polyurethane film using a unique thermal process without toxic solvents. It is CPSIA certified & contains no lead, BPA, phthalates or other harmful chemicals. Made in USA  58" wide. Prints: Camo   $13.00 yd. Note: limited yardage



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