We're real people at Discovery Trekking.

We work hard, but we also play hard. We enjoy the outdoors and live in a beautiful and rugged part of British Columbia.   You may wonder why a fabric company offers products for Equines.

We've always had animals. Our pets inspire us, but also create challenges. Sometimes the products we design are as a result of  customer suggestions, but most often they are a solution to a problem we've experienced in our own lives.

The Saddle Skirt, made from our technical soft shell fabrics, is a garment worn by a rider to protect their saddle and themselves from rain or snow. This innovative product was designed at the request of a family member. It has changed the way we ride, we are no longer limited to "fair weather" riding. The saddle skirt keeps riders dry and warm all year long. 




Saddle Skirt

A wind and water repellent riding skirt that protects your expensive saddle from rain and snow while riding.

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